Polycarbonate Square Bowl 22cm


The Polycarbonate Square Bowl 22cm from Culinava is the perfect choice for your professional kitchen

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Polycarbonate Square Bowl 22cm


Polycarbonate Square Bowl 22cm

Specifications / Dimensions

Below you can find the specifications of Polycarbonate Square Bowl 22cm
Packing Dimensions: x x mm
Product Dimensions: x x mm

Warranty / Guarantee / Spare Parts

All our Polycarbonate Square Bowl 22cm’s have a standart guarantee of spare parts for one year


We are able to ship Polycarbonate Square Bowl 22cm to any country/city worldwide. You can choose land, air or sea shipment which suit you the best. The HS Code for Polycarbonate Square Bowl 22cm is .You need to speak to your customs agent to understand if there are any applicable taxes for your Product.

Payment Terms

If you want to buy Polycarbonate Square Bowl 22cm’s from Turkey on a regular basis, we can offer your several payment options. For more information please contact us


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Technical Specification

Sku Number: C01363
Producer Code: GP-SK22

Sku Number: C01363
Producer Code: GP-SK22
Material: Polycarbonate
Packaging Type: Pallet or Carton Box
Quantity per pack: 24
Delivery Time: 15 Working Days

Brand: Gastroplast