Polycarbonate Tray Gn 1/3


The Polycarbonate Tray Gn 1/3 from Culinava is the perfect choice for your professional kitchen

Article Number: GFT-14
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Polycarbonate Tray Gn 1/3


Polycarbonate Tray Gn 1/3

Specifications / Dimensions

Below you can find the specifications of Polycarbonate Tray Gn 1/3
Packing Dimensions: x x mm
Product Dimensions: x x mm

Warranty / Guarantee / Spare Parts

All our Polycarbonate Tray Gn 1/3’s have a standart guarantee of spare parts for one year


We are able to ship Polycarbonate Tray Gn 1/3 to any country/city worldwide. You can choose land, air or sea shipment which suit you the best. The HS Code for Polycarbonate Tray Gn 1/3 is .You need to speak to your customs agent to understand if there are any applicable taxes for your Product.

Payment Terms

If you want to buy Polycarbonate Tray Gn 1/3’s from Turkey on a regular basis, we can offer your several payment options. For more information please contact us


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Technical Specification

Sku Number: C01336
Producer Code: GFT-14

Sku Number: C01336
Producer Code: GFT-14
Material: Polycarbonate
Packaging Type: Pallet or Carton Box
Quantity per pack: 12
Delivery Time: 15 Working Days

Brand: Gastroplast