Spaghetti Server 21.5cm


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Description: Spaghetti Server 21.5cm
Code: 8467.00001.06
Length: 21,5cm
Material: Stainless Steel
Origin: Turkey

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More Information about Professional Spaghetti Servers

The Professional Spaghetti Servers are needed in every professional kitchen and restaurant. Do you want to hear about all the features of Professional Spaghetti Servers

  • Made in Turkey
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Best Price & Performance
  • Easy to clean

Professional Spaghetti Servers sizes, dimensions and models

Choose the best Professional Spaghetti Servers for your professional kitchen. Whether you need large Professional Spaghetti Servers, small Professional Spaghetti Servers, mini Professional Spaghetti Servers or big Professional Spaghetti Servers. It does not matter, we have a great variety

Description Code Length Material Origin Price
Spaghetti Server 21.5cm 8467.00001.06 21,5cm Stainless Steel Turkey 4,62 Euro
Salad Serving Tongs 21cm 8467.00001.04 21cm Stainless Steel Turkey 4,62 Euro
Pastry Tongs 21cm 8467.00002.03 21cm Stainless Steel Turkey 4,62 Euro
Ice Tongs 16cm 8467.00001.07 16cm Stainless Steel Turkey 4,48 Euro
Sugar Tongs 13cm 9467.01332.01 13cm Stainless Steel Turkey 1,92 Euro
Grill Tongs 24.5 cm 8467.00001.01 24,5cm Stainless Steel Turkey 3,04 Euro
Grill Tongs 26.5 cm 8467.00001.02 26,5cm Stainless Steel Turkey 4,24 Euro
Grill Tongs 32.5 cm 8467.00001.03 32,5cm Stainless Steel Turkey 5,22 Euro


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